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In my regular updates, I'll share with you my favorite exercises to:

  • instantly eliminate stress,
  • boost your creativity, and
  • bring more joy and ease into your life in minutes!

Hi, I’m Kelsey Fox Bennett and I’m the founder of Inner Art Creations. 

As a licensed Brain Gym® and Movement Based Learning instructor, I help people break free from old patterns and create new neural pathways so they can reach their full potential.

My method combines safe and simple movements with the expressive arts to improve connections in the brainI’ve helped hundreds of adults and children of all ages overcome obstacles and create lives they love.

My method is tailored to each individual’s needs and once someone works with me, they have these incredible healing tools for life.

My private and group sessions book out quickly, so contact me today for a no-obligation chat to find out how my method can help you recreate your life.

"I personally found her approach to be the only way for both my daughter and I to heal. I absolutely recommend this unique healing process for anyone."  -Brennan Brands, Registered Nurse and Mother, Strasburg, CO

"You take away simple practices and intentions to support growing into your best self."  -Rebecca Ann S. Kirk, M.Ed., Community Artist, Educator and Researcher, Bend, OR

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